Surface Gripvox 333P

643845887735 SH7735 50 LB

SURFACE GRIPVOX 333P Bonding Primer
A premium quality, single-component acrylic emulsion based SURFACE GRIPVOX 333P Bonding Primer enhances the performance and adhesion of mortars to existing ceramics and difficult-to- bond-to substrates.

Bond-Promoting Primer
Ready-to-Use Acrylic Based Primer
High Professional Grade
Delivers Superior Adhesion
Metal Surfaces
On Existing Tiles

SURFACE GRIPVOX 333P delivers superior adhesion on a variety of substrates where proper bonding is difficult. Specially formulated with aggregates and polymers to promote mechanical adhesion on non-porous substrates.
Ready to use acrylic based primer. Non-porous concrete and Cleaned, Rust-free Steel.
Porcelain & Ceramic tiles with Glazed or Smooth surfaces. Exterior grade plywood and OSB (interior only)
Improving the adhesion of cementitious compounds on concrete, gypsum, ceramic and marble surfaces. Well bonded water resistant cutback or old adhesive.
Treating surfaces against dusting and absorption, prior to ceramic tiling, screeding, waterproofing and painting applications. Epoxy Coating, Cement and Epoxy Terrazzo. Quarry Tile & Natural stones & Vinyl flooring and Laminates.Moisture Vapor Barrier (Sheet Goods) & Rigid Fiberglass panels. Properly prepared gypsum-based underlayments (interior only)

Suitable Substrates
Well bonded water resistant cutback or old adhesive. Non-porous concrete
Porcelain & Ceramic tiles with Glazed or Smooth

surfaces Exterior grade plywood and OSB (interior only)
Epoxy Coating & Cement and Epoxy Terrazzo & Quarry Tile & Natural stones & VCT & Vinyl flooring
Moisture Vapor Barrier (TECH MVC) & Moisture Vapor Barrier (Sheet Goods) & Laminates
Rigid Fiberglass panels

Limitations to the Product
Do not use on exterior commercial applications.Do not apply over dusty substrates.
Surfaces shall be free of all grease, oil, dirt, dust, curing compounds, waxes, sealers, efflorescence, or any other foreign matter. Do not sand or grind adhesive residue, as harmful dust may result

Application of Product
Easily applicable with roller and brush. Apply it as 2 layers and spread it uniformly on the surface with a at brush or a roller without diluting it. 2 layers should be applied on over-absorbing surfaces like gypsum, concrete and screed.

Mixing Procedures
Add 1 gallon water. Mix low 150 – 200 rpm speed for 1 minute, Do not stir again.

Curing of Product
Curing time is affected by ambient and surface temperatures and humidity. Allow 3 hours before next process intended.

Store in a cool dry area. 24 months when stored in the original sealed packing in dry place. Do not stack more than 4 pails on top of each other. Protect from freezing during transport and storage.



Size Min. Coverage Max. Coverage
3.5 Gal (13.24 L) 500 ft² (50 m²) 1000 ft² (90 m²)