Thermavox Deco 307X

643845887650 IU7650 25 KG


Natural Texture On The Surface
Thermal Insulation
Water Repellant
High Water Vapor Permeability
Xps, Eps Foam And Rockwool
Resistant To External Factors

Product Description
High-strength THERMAVOX DECO 307X DECORATIVE MINERAL PLASTER is produced specially for indoor and outdoor applications and well plastered surfaces in the exterior coating system
• Fine plastered surfaces
• Thermal insulation systems
It applies easily and quick. It covers application defects and gives decorative appearance. THERMAVOX DECO 307X DECORATIVE MINERAL PLASTER has a perfect adhesion power on difficult substrates and resistant to external factors and protects the heat insulation system for long periods of time. All kinds of paint

(except solvent and synthetic based paints) can be applied on plaster.

Areas of Usage
THERMAVOX DECO 307X can be safely applied as the finishing coat on cement based fine plaster or thermal insulation systems in outdoors spaces. The product is also suitable for use on interior walls for decorative purposes.
The product is used as coating plaster on constructions elements and has a high adhesion power. Does not slide. Applies easily and quickly.

The surface and ambient temperature should be between +5 and + 35 C whilst at application.Application surface should have been cleansed of oil, dirt, dust etc.
The product should be mixed by a 120 RPM mixer. Do not add extra water. Mixture is used in max. 2 hours.
Any such substance (cement,lime,sand etc.) should not be added to the mixture. The surface should be protected from external factors(wind,sun etc.).
Do not apply in places which are directly facing sunshine, rain and strong wind. The painting application should be initiated only after 7 days. The product is stored within original packaging in suitable environment for protecting shelf life.

Property Typical Results
Brightness Class G3
Dry film thickness Class E5
Grain size Class S3
Water vapor transmission rate Class V1
Water transmission rate Class W3
Crack Bridging Property Class A0
Carbon Dioxide Permeability Class C0
Reaction to fire A1
POT LIFE 2 hours
Coverage 2-3 KG / 1 M2
Mixing Ratio 5.75 -7 lt. of water for a 25 kg package
Compressive Strength 3,5 – 7,5 N/mm2
Bond Strenght ≥ 0,45 N/mm2
Water Absorption ≤ 0,40 kg/m2dk0,5
Water Vapour Permeability,μ 5/20
Thermal Conductivity ≤ 0,47 W/m.K